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Water Lily Unlimited

"You are either on time or you are late. When you are late, you have to make sure you leave on time." - Johan Cruijff

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Water Lily Unlimited

Water Lily Unlimited is a collection of projects regarding life in Amsterdam and travel in Asia, and eating and drinking consciously.


Travel stories

Stories, anecdotes and information about travel in Asia.

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Eating and drinking consciously

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Miscellaneous and blogs

Stories and anecdotes about life in Amsterdam.

  • I got a bad review. Now I want to quit. What to do?.
  • Concert reviews of The Breeders, Patti Smith, PIL in Amsterdam.
  • Book reviews of Dave Eggers, Amitav Ghosh, William Dalrymple, Giles Milton.
  • List of all Lily's blogposts in English.

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Website management

  • Predefined HTML- en Water Lily colour scheme.
  • A comfortable stay in a rural Indian setting Double Dutch Resort.
  • About a bilingual book on how to design assignments, about teaching and about storytelling: evandeveen.



There's also a Dutch section of Water Lily. You'll find the original version of most English articles, and much more.

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