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siam square bts station

Siam Square, Bangkok

Bangkok is a very large and vibrant city that can be overwhelming at times. One spot to feel more at ease is in the sois (alleys) near Siam Square. (Read more...)

satun mosque

Satun, Thailand

Satun is a small provincial capital in the far southwest corner of Thailand. It has a definite end-of-the-road feel to it. A dusty little town where nothing ever happens. On the surface. (Read more...)


Vegetarian in Iran

Iran is kebab country, but compared to 20 years ago, traveling as a vegetarian isn't too bad. Here are some suggestions what to eat and where to get it. (Read more...)

Doha MIA

Doha, Qatar

Doha is a fascinating and varied city with old and new, rich and poor, east and west, north and south. People seem to come from all continents and shops and restaurants are as varied as that. (Read more...)


Amsterdam West

Amsterdam doesn't need an introduction. Everybody knows what it's famous for: canal cruises, coffeeshops and museums. But there is more to it. Step outside the touristy city center and find out... (Read more...)

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